Brotherhood of Light


The Brotherhood of Light is a small group of people obsessed with the notion of enlightenment of the mind and soul. Unlike other similar communities, the Brotherhood does not aim to expand, but to find and purify “lost souls”. The chosen are being abducted, intoxicated, and placed in the “sanctuary”. Most people find their way out, but there is no official information about how many actually fail. Without even suspecting, it’s your turn.

Close your eyes and enjoy your last time in darkness…

Sands of Time


I was looking at another one ancient Egyptian tepmle, when my attention was drown up by a hardly visible crack in the wall. Then I decided to do something different, something exiting, something crazy … No body from the team saw me when I slip inside. A loud slam behind me and the following dead silence gave me a hint that I found myself in an ancient trap.

A faint sunbeam was sneaking in the dark and was pointing the beggining of this breathtaking adventure…

Wild West


The history knows countless bank robbers in the Wilde West but very few of them became true legends. Nevertheless considerable amount of money for your head no body managed to caught you trough this many years. Unfortunately you are not the same lucky guy as you used to be and now you’re in our prison waiting for the sentence to be executed. The only way to skip the gallows is to run away.

The time is short, the stake is big…