Brotherhood of Light – Live Stream Video Escape Room

Live Video Escape Room is a new way to play Escape Rooms with your friends from the comfort and safety of your home. Guide an avatar via live video (live streaming) you must solve puzzles and uncover mysteries. The duration is again 60 minutes and you have just as much available to help your host escape. You can gather your team and play together, each from your own home. You can book your game here and you will receive detailed instructions by e-mail.


The Brotherhood of Light is a small group of people obsessed with the notion of enlightenment of the mind and soul. Unlike other similar communities, the Brotherhood does not aim to expand, but to find and purify “lost souls”. The chosen are being abducted, intoxicated, and placed in the “sanctuary”. Most people find their way out, but there is no official information about how many actually fail. Without even suspecting, it’s your turn. Close your eyes and enjoy your last time in darkness…

September 2020
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