Sands of Time 

You can find this room here: – Plovdiv, 13 Tsar Asen Str, 2nd floor

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I was looking at another one ancient Egyptian tepmle, when my attention was drown up by a hardly visible crack in the wall. Then I decided to do something different, something exiting, something crazy … No body from the team saw me when I slip inside. A loud slam behind me and the following dead silence gave me a hint that I found myself in an ancient trap.

A faint sunbeam was sneaking in the dark and was pointing the beggining of this breathtaking adventure…

August 2022
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The price depends on the team`s size:

Team of two – 60 BGN (30.00 BGN per person)
Team of three – 75 BGN (25.00 BGN per person)
Team of four – 85 BGN (21.25 BGN per person)
Team of five – 95 BGN (19.00 BGN per person)
Team of six – 105 BGN (17.50 BGN per person)